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 Test results for Malefic

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Bujin Head

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PostSubject: Test results for Malefic    Sun Jun 23, 2013 3:06 am

[*]Originality: 4/10 points. Use of a "top tier" deck is permitted, however, you will get no points in this category. To score high in this category, use cards that the tester has either not seen used before or rarely sees used.
[*]Preparedness: 10/15 points. A deck needs ways to respond. If the tester believes you are lacking in this, then he (or she) will deduct points from this category.
[*]Attitude: 2/15 points. Don't be a jerk. And don't ignore your opponent if she (or he) is saying something.
[*]Deck Size: 8/10 points. Don't use too many cards in your deck. Unless the tester sees good reason that you should, every 2 cards over 40 deducts a point.
[*]Winning: 20/20 points. Each win you get in the match is worth 10 points. Protip: Don't lose.
[*]Tester's Choice: 15/30 points. The tester will be able to include a criterion of his (or her) own to the test. That criterion will be worth the remaining 30 points.
[*] Welcome to the Samurai dorm
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Test results for Malefic
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